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Abbreviated Breast MRI Reader Training and Certification
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The goal of AB-MR interpretation is to maintain high sensitivity and specificity. In order to minimize false positives and short term follow-ups, it is fundamental to focus only on findings that are truly unique to the background parenchymal enhancement (BPE).

1) Review the AB-MR interpretation algorithms*
2) Study the reader training material
3) Review the test instructions and user manual
4) Take the 50 case AB-MR interpretation certification test.

*** You do not have to complete the test in a single session. If you logout, your progress will be saved and you can return to the test multiple times until it is complete ***
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- High speed internet connection is required (30 Mbps or higher is preferred).
- 17inch or larger monitor and mouse with wheel function is preferable.
- Internet Explorer is not fully supported. Modern versions of Internet Explorer on Windows   7 and above will work, however, performance may be greatly diminished.
- Consider using Firefox or Chrome internet browsers.
*The Society of Breast MRI Interpretation Guidelines suggests a standardized method for abbreviated breast MRI interpretation. These algorithms are not meant to dictate individual case management decisions. The ultimate decision regarding AB-MR interpretation must be made by the interpreting radiologist in light of all the circumstances presented in an individual examination.
Currently limited to only EA1141 Radiologists